Assembling pixels ...

A short recap of my
story and design background,
and why you should care.

This page aims to be an informal CV that can hopefully convey my personality through written words. It shouldn’t require more than 3 minutes to read it all.

Work experience

I currently work in Milan as a UX Designer for Alkemy, a digital consultancy firm with clients in several industries (energy, transportation, fintech, telco, and many more).
Before moving to Milan I worked as a UX/UI Designer for Blockzero, a creative agency based in Malmö, Sweden, where I had the opportunity to work on a broad spectrum of projects (from internal products and startup projects, all the way to consultancy for a multinational corporation).
My daily activities cover the entire UX process, from research and requirements to user testing.

I particularly enjoy working in the middle of the design process (IA, user flows, high fidelity wireframes and prototyping).
I also like to work closely with developers way beyond the official “handoff”. This is often a very automatized and underestimated step of the process, but I believe communication and empathy from both sides is key: this is the moment when a product takes shape successfully or fall apart.

Working in design teams under pressure can be hard sometimes: I've been doing it daily since 2011 and it taught me how to approach it the right way.
I don’t get offended or emotional if my designs need adjustments or someone come up with a better solution than mine. I like to give honest, humble and direct feedbacks and opinions and I expect the same in return. Method and efficiency is what I aim for and I only care about the success of the final result and about my standards for high quality design, hoping to always behave in professional and open-minded manners.


I have a 2 years Master Degree in Interaction Design from Malmö University in Sweden, one of the oldest and most established HCI courses in Europe.
I also own a Bachelor degree in Design and Visual Communication from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy.

Alongside academic studies, I constantly try to learn new skills and methods on digital design through several online courses. I also daily read news and essays on design and tech, trying to discover new patterns and trends in the industry.

I am obsessed with knowledge and I want to understand the complexity of my profession; I am not satisfied with bit and pieces of information, I need to see the big picture.
Being “good enough” is not nearly enough for me: I want to be one of the best in my craft, yet I am never satisfied with what I do or know and I continuously try to improve my work and skills.

Life priorities

When not working, I enjoy outdoor sports and activities and spending time surrounded by close friend, family, nature and animals. I try to tune down the noises and distractions of everyday life to make space for joyful moment but people and experiences that can challenge my point of view are always welcomed in my life.

I am a very young, very healthy, very white male, born and raised in Italy, surrounded by a loving family. This puts me amongst the 1% privileged of humanity and I am slowly realizing it.
I always try to not complain about my “struggles”, because I never truly had one: I know I need to work to achieve what I want and I try to always be grateful for the wonderful life I already have.

Introvert and relativist by nature, I try everyday to become a better version of myself, leading by example rather than shouting my opinion, and treating people the way I’d like to be treated.

Right now my focus is on finding a balance between work and life, and I am optimistic enough to believe that I can build a successful career and have a lifestyle aligned with my values at the same time. My dream is to build a life full of experiences and memories, while having the smallest environmental impact and the most positive influence in the community around me.