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Hi, I'm Andrea
a digital product designer
based in Milan, Italy.

what I can do for you

UX Design

User Experience should be a focus of every good digital product, at every step of the process, from strategy to development. It's about failing often and iterating fast to avoid obvious problems and include best practices and novel tweaks to the software. As a UX Designer I daily use personas, information architectures, user journeys, static wireframes and low-fi prototypes to present, discuss and test ideas. I am also trained to critically look at an existing product and identify problems and areas of improvement in the experience.

UI & Interaction Design

To me good UI is about making things legible, understandable, organized and interesting to the eye and I like designing interfaces that are responsive, componentized and animated. When I look at a component I always ask myself: what is the main goal of this component? How is it going to adapt to the space surrounding it? How is it going to behave when users will interact with it?
I believe UI and Interaction design cannot fully work without each other, a product needs both to achieve true visual greatness and excellent user experience.

Code & Prototypes

Code is the material of digital design, and good designers should know the material they are working with.
I am not a software engineer, I donโ€™t build apps, I cannot manage backend infrastructures and dynamic data. However, I know how to write and read vanilla HTML, CSS and JS . I enjoy coding interactive prototypes, as well as simple websites ( like the one youโ€™re looking at right now ) and I am constantly looking into the new tools that make it easier for designers to be involved with frontend (like CSS Grids, Webflow and more).
I cannot replace developers, but I can speak their language, understand their needs and work with (not against) them.

companies I worked with

The work I do as an employee is often under NDA and the result of a strong team effort.
To get a better idea of my core skills, you can check my selection of projects.

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a little about me

Hi there ๐Ÿ‘‹ ! Iโ€™m Andrea, a 27 years old digital product designer from Italy, currently based in Milan.

I have 2+ years of professional experience working both in Italy and abroad ๐ŸŒ, for startups ๐Ÿ“ as well as multinational corporations ๐Ÿ‘”. With 6 years of academic design education ๐Ÿ“–, 2 university degrees ๐ŸŽ“ and several self-inflicted design/coding courses, I am not a designer by accident: I intentionally decided to pursuit this career and I absolutely love my job.

I value honesty, humble opinions and direct feedbacks. Iโ€™m always searching for ways to improve myself and Iโ€™d love to add more meaningful positive impact in the world through my work .

I think design is not a deliverable, itโ€™s a process, and I believe a successful project can only be judged when a real product is in the hands of real users.